Everything about shitty people who come in as customers.


Top 5 Reasons Why 'The Customer Is Always Right' Is Wrong

once this woman came through drive through and got a slaw dog with ketchup mustard and onions (i don’t remember what her actual order was but that’s what we gave her) and she came back all bitchy demanding a hot dog with JUST slaw on it because she’s allergic to onions. after she left we realized she was either lying or stupid because slaw has onions in it.

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How do i make retail work as bearable as possible? I feel I cant take it anymore due to the bad treatment of my boss and people, but I need the money.

It’s easier if you can connect and grow bonds with your coworkers and customers. I enjoy my job a lot because I’m close with my coworkers and a lot of regulars like coming to see me.

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My company's there objective or whatever are in this order: 1. Customers first 2. Our people 3. Sales Take a guess at how happy are in this company? This culture creates all the shitty customers.

The lengths companied go to please customers can be ridiculous.

When you’re keeping an eye on a suspected shoplifter, and another customer keeps asking you stupid questions to get your attention.

Charity season


A list of things I do NOT want to hear when I ask if you’d like to donate a fucking dollar
(Some of these are verbatim)
1. My husband donates like $500 every few weeks. He takes the checks up there. In fact he just did this week.
2. I donate to X charity already
3. I will donate when…

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what people dont seem to understand is that we (at least where I work) are so limited as to what we can do about shoplifters. All we can do is ask to see a customers bag and it has to be over a certain size. If they're stuffing things in their coats

or something like that, unless we actually see them do it, we’re stuck. This goes for when the detectors go off too, you can’t strip search people??????”

There is no way to “get better” at catching shoplifters. 

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Okay so the lemon story, what if she was allergic to lemons? Ya she was rude but you can't just do that shit to prove a point

I have to agree with anon on this. It’s one thing to take out something they like, such as giving decaf instead of caffeinated, but don’t add something to mess with people, just in case there is a medical condition. 

Okay, so, yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Disneyland. Woohoo! Fun. Lots of kids, noisy kids, but fun. 

We were in line for the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and while we were about 5 people away, this mom and her young daughter, maybe 3 or 4?, were about to get in the car. The mom started putting their stuff to the side, and her daughter ran out into the track and fell down right in front of the car, smacking her face on the rail. The ride operator was like O_O and the mom didn’t notice… The girl tried to get up, crying, and fell again, smacking her face onto the rail again. 

Luckily the cars weren’t moving, but we didn’t really get to see what happened. We got on the ride and towards the end, the lights turned on and the employees had everyone exit, probably because of the girl’s accident.

Not really a shitty customer, per se, but a PSA for people who take their kids places. The employees can’t keep an eye on your kid for you and they probably have regulations against touching a customer that has been injured, like most places do. 

It would be tragic to lose your child at a theme park, due to negligence. My boyfriend said she could have died, and, yeah, if it was like Splash Mountain or any bigger ride, she could have been killed. 

Not that bad… but I got some satisfaction out of it…

So… A few years back, I was waiting on this table and this bitchy lady asked for an iced tea with no lemon. I fucked up and put a lemon in it. It’s such habit that I just threw it in there. I brought it out to the table and she was such a bitch about it. I didn’t squeeze the lemon in there. She could have just snatched the lemon out and kept it but she just had attitude about it. I didn’t mind getting her another one tho because I fucked up. So, I went in the back and got a new glass. I squeezed a couple of lemons at the bottom of the cup and then put the tea in the glass. I brought it out to her and she loved it. I was trying to prove a point. That a fucken lemon in your tea is not that big of a deal. I don’t like lemon in my tea but if its not squeezed, then who gives a fuck. So anyways. She never complained about the tea and even got a refill, (so I had to make it the same). I felt super bad because they ended up tipping me really well… but I got to prove my point and thats what mattered to me.